book chapters

  • Baumann-Pauly, Dorothée, Labowitz, Sarah, and Stein, Nate: “Transforming the Garment Industry in Bangladesh: Sharing Responsibility”, in Sustainable Fashion - Governance and New Management Approaches, edited by Sarah Margaretha Jastram and Anna-Maria Schneider, Springer, 2018.

  • Nolan, Justine. “All care, no responsibility?” In Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights Impacts: New Expectations and Paradigms, edited by Lara Blecher, Nancy Kaymar Stafford, and Gretchen C. Bellamy, 3-26. American Bar Association: 2014.

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Through research briefs the Center provides a close study of the implications of business' operations on human rights. They condense rigorous academic research into new scholarship to reveal a set of facts previously overlooked. To see our briefs, go to The Latest and select “Academic Research.”