Diagnose Problems


We investigate the toughest human rights challenges in global industries

Our team conducts intensive research to reveal new information on the ways core business practices affect workers and communities. Our investigative model provides powerful insights into the root causes of persistent human rights challenges. Over time, our research is helping to reveal how business operates in a global context and how practices at the industry level can either erode or promote human rights. 


Identify Solutions


We develop practical, enduring solutions at the industry level

From the beginning, our premise has been that firm-level approaches are necessary but insufficient, and that durable progress in protecting the most vulnerable people will require companies to abide by common human rights standards implemented at the industry level.

In support of this goal, we work to strengthen multi-stakeholder governance efforts, develop performance metrics, and promote the notion of "shared responsibility" among governments, international donors, and global businesses.  

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Engage Stakeholders


We bring key stakeholders together to promote collective action

Once we have identified solutions for an industry's human rights challenges, we convene leaders from business, government, unions, and civil society to rally support for implementing them. We believe that getting the right mix of stakeholders in a room together is critical to achieving enduring improvements for workers and communities.

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Empower Future Leaders


We are making human rights essential in 21st century business education

Today's business leaders face a range of human rights challenges. We are equipping students with knowledge of these challenges and the skills to manage them through a mix of coursework and experiential learning opportunities, and by connecting them with businesses that are leading the way through events on campus and fellowship opportunities.

In the longer-term, we aim to make human rights an essential part of 21st century business education. We seek to develop a global network of business schools that incorporate human rights education and research into their programs. Along the way, we are working to expand and support business and human rights scholarship through dedicated BHR conferences, a textbook on the subject, and our own continued academic writing.