Paul Polman

“An important contribution to a vital subject, this excellent primer on business and human rights offers valuable insight for both current and future practitioners. Recognizing the challenges and preparing effectively are vital to drive responsible and sustainable business.”
                                                                                   — Paul Polman, Chief Executive Officer, Unilever
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Henrietta Dorfmueller, Master student at HEC Lausanne

“Business and Human Rights represents an insightful book that educates business students about the growing importance of not only considering but also implementing human rights in global business’ activities. As future business leaders, it is crucial to understand which human right issues managers face every day and to consider how such issues should be addressed and solved in an effective and sustainable manner.” 
                                                                - Henrietta Dorfmueller, Master student at HEC Lausanne    
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Diana Lundgren

"I read this book for a course on Business and Human Rights at University of Lausanne. It served as a valuable tool and asset for uncovering and understanding the challenges as well as solutions related to the area of business and human rights. The book grasps a variety of perspectives on the topic, which makes it both relevant and comprehensible for a broad range of people interested and engaged in these issues,” 
                                                                                  - Diana Lundgren, Copenhagen Business School
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