Our Methodology

We combine rigorous research, practical recommendations, stakeholder engagement, and education of future business leaders to chart a course toward a more responsible role for companies in society.

Diagnose Problems

We investigate the toughest human rights challenges in a variety of global industries. Our intensive research reveals new information on the ways core business practices affect workers, consumers, and communities. We generate powerful insights into the root causes of the erosion of democracy and human rights. 

Identify Solutions

We develop practical, enduring solutions at the industry level. Our premise is that durable progress in protecting the most vulnerable people will require companies to abide by common human rights standards implemented at the industry level.

Engage Stakeholders

Once we have identified solutions for an industry’s human rights challenges, we convene leaders from business, government, unions, and civil society to rally support for implementing them. Getting the right mix of stakeholders in a room is critical to achieving enduring improvement.

Empower Future Leaders

We are making human rights essential in 21st-century business education. Our goal is to equip students with knowledge of these challenges and the skills to manage them. We do this through a mix of coursework, experiential learning opportunities, campus events and corporate fellowships. We also are developing a global network of business schools that incorporate human rights education and research into their programs.