Reforming ESG

Sustainable investment can be revived as a meaningful way to express investor values, hold companies accountable for the harm they may cause, and reward greater corporate respect for labor and human rights.

We believe that investors need to measure and prioritize corporate social performance more rigorously. We envision the creation of a new category of “sustainable values funds,” which would target a discrete set of ethical objectives based on clear and measurable criteria. Such funds would permit legally eligible investors to prioritize their values over the maximization of financial returns.


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Regulating Social Media Section 230 (1)
Putting The ‘S’ In ESG: Measuring Human Rights Performance For Investors

The Center published an in-depth study of 12 leading frameworks for assessing companies’ social practices and impacts. It found that current measurement focuses on what is most convenient rather than most meaningful. Ninety-two percent of measures looked at company governance structures without any attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of those structures.


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Promoting Racial & Gender Equity in Investing
The Center is challenging investment practices that create barriers for women and people of color.