Supreme Court Advocacy

We file friend-of-the-court (amicus) briefs in leading U.S. Supreme Court cases that bear on the effects of technology on democracy.

One of the most direct ways we channel our research into advocacy with impact is drafting amicus briefs seeking to persuade the U.S. Supreme Court to balance carefully the benefits of digital services against their unintended consequences. In our filings, we have argued that while tech companies require more sustained government regulation, the First Amendment free speech rights of platforms and their users constrain the reach of regulation.


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Addressing 3D Immersive Technology
Immersive technologies powering the "metaverse" pose serious threats to consumer privacy and safety.
Combating Extremism in Online Gaming
Online gaming companies, which boast more than three billion consumers globally, have been slow to counteract the exploitation of their sites by violent extremists and other bad actors.
Regulating Social Media
In the absence of adequate tech industry self-regulation, government needs to extend more systematic oversight of companies like Meta, Google, TikTok, and X.
Safeguarding AI
Digital products built with generative artificial intelligence hold great promise but also can facilitate fraud, disinformation campaigns, and cyberattacks.