Style Guide

January 26, 2015


Heading 1

– To be used as the first paragraph text for emphasis. Also used as the large stat #’s in the Quick Facts, and as the heading text when associated with information sections/images.

Heading 2

– To be used as secondary headings breaking up paragraphs of text.

Heading 3

– To be used in the sidebar and other spots that are linked somewhere. 


– Regular text, can be occasionally italicized and bolded for emphasis, avoid too much bolding.


– To be used in pull-quotes, and in the Quick Facts sidebar as descriptive text.


– Text should NEVER be the full-width of the page

– Heading 1 font should only be used for the emphasis in the first paragraph or few sentences on a page. 


– For Header images: photographs should be at least 1200 px wide and 72dpi

– File size: Big images should ideally be under 100k, small images should be under 30k 

– Images should be compelling and relevant to the topics they accompany