Business As Usual Is Not An Option: Supply Chains And Sourcing After Rana Plaza.

April 2014

Indirect sourcing, the opaque practice of subcontracting, is a root cause of safety risks and poor working conditions in Bangladesh. Released one year after the collapse of Rana Plaza became most deadly industrial accident in modern manufacturing, a new report by the Center examines a range of measures undertaken in the last year, none of which have yet addressed the fundamental problems facing the garment industry.

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Broken Partnership
A Broken Partnership: How Clothing Brands Exploit Suppliers and Harm Workers –And What Can Be Done About It

Ten years after the Rana Plaza factory collapse, a new report from the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights calls for a reformed collaborative approach to the outsourced manufacturing of apparel—one that does not create unfair economic pressure on factory owners, who all too often respond to such exploitation by reducing wages and benefits for their poor employees.