The Center is developing the field of business and human rights among young scholars and PhD students. Each year, the Center co-hosts a research summit aimed at young researchers.

The summit presents a unique opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary research in the business and human rights field with experts and other emerging scholars. In April 2016, the inaugural Young Researchers Summit was held in St. Gallen, Switzerland and was co-organized by the Institute for Business Ethics at the University of St Gallen, the Business and Human Rights Journal, and the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. 

Florian Wettstein, Professor for Business Ethics at St Gallen University and Editor in Chief at the Business and Human Rights Journal and Dorothée Baumann-Pauly, the Center's Research Director, received over 40 applications from around the globe. They selected 15 projects to be presented at the summit. All other applicants were invited to join a global network of emerging Business and Human Rights scholars. The agenda of the 2016 Summit, including the topics of the presented research topics, can be found here. Two of the 2016 participants, Nana Frishling and Brynn O'Brian, wrote a summary of their experience at the conference, "Inaugural BHR Young Researchers’ Summit an enriching experience."

The 2nd Young Researchers Summit will be held in St Gallen April 6 - 7, 2017.  You can find the call for abstracts here

Photos from the 2016 Business and Human Rights Young Researchers Summit

The Summit was an invaluable opportunity for young researchers to critically appraise and reflect upon each other’s work, to share ideas and innovations, to form connections with the growing international research community and to discuss its future elaboration.
— Nana Frishling & Brynn O'Brian, 2016 participants

2016 Participants

  • Romola Adeola (University of Pretoria)
  • David Birchall (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Nana Frishling (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
  • Samantha Goethals (Oxford Brookes University)
  • Dilan Gözükara (University of Zurich)
  • Anneloes Hoff (University of Oxford)
  • Brynn O’Brian (University of Technology Sydney)
  • John Paul Ongeso (University of Witwatersrand)
  • Ahmed Shahid (University of Sydney)
  • Kirsten Stefanik (University of Western Ontario)
  • Veronica Torres (University of Greenwich)
  • Franziska Wohltmann (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Liang Yu (Maastricht University)