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Academic Research

Innovative scholarship can bridge the gap between theory and practice in the emerging field of business and human rights.


Publications & Research Briefs

We contribute to a growing body of scholarship at the intersection of business ethics, management, and law. Through academic articles, book chapters, teaching cases, and research briefs, we are deepening the information available about the most pressing human rights issues facing business. 


Global network of business schools 

Business students, scholars, and mid-career executives are hungry to learn more about human rights. We are taking the lead in forming an international network of business schools that include human rights in their curricula to meet this demand. 



Business & Human Rights Conferences

Academic conferences create opportunities to encourage and shape new research on business and human rights (BHR). We co-organize two annual BHR conferences and participate in many more.




In April 2016, we published the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary textbook on business and human rights, Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice. This resource is designed for students, professors and practitioners seeking a comprehensive overview of the Business and Human Rights field.